Why are we in business?

We are enthusiasts like yourselves, who love to modify the cars. What ever reason you have, it does not matter. As enthusiast we have joined together to create Master Performance. The idea is simple!

Why drive a car, which looks and performs the same as the one off the dealer forecourt? Anyone can do this! We buy cars and make them different and perform the way we want. For a few simple reason,

We love to show off, We love the late nights, We love the community, We love the drive.

This is who we are.

Master Performance can help you do that very thing. Stand out from the crowd and be yourselves. With our resources, we can help add attitude and performance to you car. Whether if its lowing your car for a better stance? Higher Performance  for the sentsentional drive? or just to be different. We can help you with all that and more.

This website is dedicated to the Jap scene. But you will find other manufactures on here. Master Performance is dedicated to anything with Style and Performance.

Check out this Stunning Sir Powered EG, with loads of upgrades and JDM goodies from the Studio448 Team. (Check out the Team)

We personally love the build of a project. Getting my hands dirty and bonding with you car. Best of all, learning by doing, know your car more and more each time. until the next build. Although some can never be finished.

We love to hear from you. Send us an email or add us on Facebook. Tell us all about your build.


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What do we actually do?


Performance Parts

We are friends with many suppliers and manufactures on the market. This means we can source 99% of the parts you want, from Japan or the US. All you have to do is send us an email.


Exhaust, Suspension and Wheels are simple upgrades to make your car stand out. Make yours more unique and special compared to the one parked across the street.

OEM Parts

We only sell the Best Products on the market. Never fakes, thats not what we do (Body parts are an expection) All products we sell have been tried & tested. All with the highest of ratings.


Our Specialist team are always happy to help. We all love the modifying scene, and our goal is to contribute as much as we can.